Avimesa Updates IoT Application for Methane Sensor Readings and Weather Feeds

Avimesa, The Industrial Internet Company, has updated its IoT application, Avimesa.Live, with methane sensor data capabilities in preparation for the release of their forthcoming Solar Field Unit and Solar Field Unit Travel Kits for methane detection and monitoring.

Also included in the release are weather forecast feeds via Windy.com. Weather events such as wind or varied temperatures can affect methane sensor readings and the ability to tie weather forecasts and sensor readings allow for improved data analysis and logic-based event triggers in the application.

Initial weather forecasts will include: wind, wind gusts, temperature, dew point, precipitation (rain, snow, convective), precipitation type, CAPE index, high clouds, medium clouds, low clouds, humidity, geopotential height, pressure, waves, wind waves, swell, swell 2, CO concentration, dust mass, and SO2.

Logic such as “If wind gusts are greater than 30 then don’t send an alert” is one example of how the weather might be used to fine-tune user notifications More complex logic can be constructed using other Avimesa features, such as perimeter awareness, to create highly aware alerts, notifications, and graphs.

Avimesa is compatible with the NevadaNano MPS methane gas sensor, which is included in the Avimesa Solar Field Unit and the Solar Field Unit Travel Kit, as well as Cubic SJH-100 methane sensor, with plans to add more in the future.

Pricing for the new climate feeds is free to Avimesa.Live beta users and the feature is available today. Users will be able to get a free regional climate reading that updates often throughout the day.

Avimesa is currently running a StartEngine fundraising campaign. See http://startengine.com/avimesa for more information.

About Avimesa Corporation. Starting operation in early 2017, Avimesa is an Industrial Internet of Things company with a device cloud, IoT hardware, a web application for data visualization, and developer APIs that can be used to monitor virtually anything.

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