Avimesa Introduces Revolutionary Industrial IoT OEM Solution, Enabling Rapid Brand Customization

Avimesa Corporation, a leading provider of Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its highly customizable and brandable version of Avimesa.Live, a comprehensive SaaS solution for all industries. With Avimesa's innovative offering, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can now establish their own branded IIoT solutions in a matter of weeks, leveraging off-the-shelf sensors and seamless integration with proprietary hardware and software systems.

The Avimesa.Live cloud based SaaS application serves as the foundation for the OEM IIoT solution, providing a browser-based interface that encompasses a wide range of powerful features tailored to the IIoT landscape:

  • Streamlined Device Provisioning: Effortlessly connect and configure devices for immediate deployment.
  • Real-time Alarms and Alerts: Receive timely notifications via SMS or email, ensuring prompt response to critical events.
  • Comprehensive Dashboard and Graphing: Visualize and analyze data with an intuitive dashboard and advanced graphing capabilities.
  • Data Integration and Export: Seamlessly integrate data into existing systems or export it for further analysis and processing.
  • RESTful API: Facilitate integration with external databases and applications through a robust API.

Avimesa's IIoT client  is powered by Avimesa Gadget, a versatile client software that supports a wide array of sensors and devices. The interface options include:

  • 4-20mA Loop Sensors: Support for both two-wire and four-wire configurations.
  • RS232/RS485 Serial Devices: Scriptable functionality for sending and receiving data.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Devices: Seamless integration with GATT profile devices.
  • UDP/IP sensors over WiFi or Ethernet.
  • Custom Interfaces: Flexibility to accommodate unique hardware requirements.

Avimesa Gadget, operating on a Linux-based IoT Gateway, includes connectivity options such as Ethernet, WiFi, BLE, Cellular, and custom network or hardware interfaces. Any Linux-based single-board computer can serve as the IoT Gateway, and Avimesa has successfully integrated "Gadget" with a variety of single-board computers from different manufacturers.

Avimesa recently collaborated with Tako, a MaxVac brand, to modernize their widely used vacuum pump across various industries, including semiconductor, agriculture, and food processing. The implemented solution leverages the pump's built-in sensors while incorporating additional sensors to provide comprehensive insights into its operation. Andy Beam, CEO of Tako and parent company MaxVac, expressed his satisfaction with Avimesa's services, stating, "Avimesa enabled us to launch a fully branded Industrial IIoT solution within an impressively short timeframe. The system, integrating hundreds of sensor types, was up and running within weeks. Additionally, Avimesa seamlessly integrated custom hardware within a few months."

Another recent development involves  the integration of an industrial-grade methane sensor with an on-site weather station. Avimesa's expertise allowed for the measurement of methane levels alongside key environmental conditions such as wind speed, humidity, barometric pressure, and temperature. Furthermore, Avimesa integrated windy.com to provide predicted readings, offering a comprehensive view of the environmental data.

OEMs interested in harnessing the power of Avimesa's groundbreaking IIoT OEM solution can reach out to Joe Austin, CEO of Avimesa, directly at ceo@avimesa.com. Additionally, they can schedule a meeting through the company's website.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Paul Peterson, VP Marketing
Avimesa Corporation

About Avimesa Corporation. Starting operation in early 2017, Avimesa is an Industrial Internet of Things company with a device cloud, IoT hardware, a web application for data visualization, and developer APIs that can be used to monitor virtually anything.

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