Press Releases

Avimesa Updates IoT Application for Methane Sensor Readings and Weather Feeds

Weather feeds can be tied to shared sensor readings to improve data reporting and business logic.

Avimesa Enters the ESG Market with Internet Connected Methane Detection Travel Kit

The SFU Travel Kit is aimed at pinpointing sources of methane, and the data generated can also be used as a significant financial indicator in ESG analysis.

Avimesa, The Industrial Internet Company, brings climate conditions to Industrial IoT logic

Regional feeds of climate conditions can be used in if/then logic for all types of sensors

Avimesa Adds Asset Tracking to Avimesa.Live and Avimesa Gadget

Now, in addition to sensing vibration, power, liquid flow, volumetric moisture, light, temperature, and thousands of other sensors, Avimesa Industrial IoT, can tag people/equipment if they have entered/exited a geofenced area.

Geofencing has the potential to be the de facto application for Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT (IIOT) solution provider Avimesa provides a free module that unlocks the capability to use Internet Gateways as Geofence posts

Avimesa connects RS232 to the Industrial Cloud

RS232 is often ignored by Industrial IoT (IIOT) providers. Avimesa offers an RS232 module to integrate RS232 with the industrial cloud.