development Kit

Avimesa Methane Solution

Solar-powered LTE & BLE gateway with built-in methane sensor.
Almost unlimited sensing option expansion.

  • Solar-powered LTE & BLE Gateway
  • State-of-the-art MPS methane sensor
  • Built-in battery to run for days in cloudy weather
  • External battery USB-C expansion port
  • 30 watt solar panel for battery charging
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sensor network
  • BLE reduces number of LTE nodes needed per site
  • Optional StarLink satellite connectivity instead of LTE
  • Digital display for diagnostics (sensor analog out)
  • Rules engine with integrated regional wind feeds
  • Avimesa.Live SaaS app with alerts and graphing
  • Developer API for custom data feeds and features
  • Extension port for longer reach via small sensor unit 
  • Professional services available
  • NevadaNano MPS technology Product Info
  • Sensing is drift immune with no re-calibration intervals
  • +/- 250 ppm accuracy
  • 300 - 1500 ppm range
  • Operates in harsh -20° C to 75° C temps with high humidity
  • Inherently poison immune
  • 5+ year lifetime 
  • Both digital & analog readings w / continuous self diagnostics
  • Custom enclosures available for site specific condensation and surrounding condition robustness
  • Linux based with all standard interfaces documented
  • Other sensor options such as vibration, power,  pressure, and CO2 for related equipment – not just methane sensing
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